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What is Badminton : How to Play Badminton

How to Play Badminton
Badminton Player: Lin Dan
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What is Badminton? 

High Speed Action and Power. Badminton is an indoor sports played by 2 to 4 opposing players (Singles/Doubles). Like tennis, it is a racquet/racket sports, played in a rectangular court divided by a net, where opposing players position themselves on either half of the court using long-handled rackets to hit the shuttlecock, outsmarting and outpacing each other, but the difference is that players should strike the Shuttlecock (Badminton ball) before it hits the ground. A point is only counted if the opponent was unable to return the shuttlecock or it went out the ruled line.

Badminton History

In India during the18th Century, the game's name was called "POONA" and it was played outdoor, It was Introduced in England by the British Army Officers in the 1860's. The game was launched at a party by the Duke of Beaufort and was referred as "The Game of Badminton",and later officially named "Badminton".

Since then, Badminton's growth both as an a outdoor recreation and as a competitive indoor sports has been great. There are millions of people around the world that are fascinated, addicted and loves to play Badminton. Agility, Precision, Alertness, Reaction, Speed and Yes It's Badminton. Watch this Video

Facts about Badminton:

  • Badminton is the fastest racket/racquet sports in the world
  • 16 feathers from a goose are needed to make a Shuttlecock
  • 1.1 Billion people watched the 1992 Olympic Badminton Competition
  • China and Indonesia are the leading countries in badminton
  • International Badminton Federation (IBF) is the Governing Body of Badminton

Badminton Health Facts

  • Increases the Level of HDL good cholesterol, Reduction of bad cholesterol
  • It may help ward of Hypertension, Decreases Blood Pressure
  • Reduces weight, Reduces the tendency of Diabetes
  • Burns 3000 Calories


How to Play Badminton:

1. Learn the Basics

  • Basic Gripping Techniques
    The proper gripping of the badminton racquet will help you execute the proper hitting or stroke, from service to reception. If you're aiming for a good clear or smash, a good grip will help you execute a strong return.

  • Basic Footwork
    Badminton is not just a game where you just stand in one place and walk, It is a strenuous sport,  it requires agility and reaction, Learning the Basic footwork will help you keep up and allow you  to have good movement around the court. Basic footwork is not only good for attack or offense, it also use for good defense when your opponent tries to outmaneuver you. It also helps you to avoid having injuries or sprain or strain.

  • Badminton Service
    Good service defines the start of your game, proper execution and focus is the key to deliver the shuttlecock to your opponent's court. A weak serve can cause unforced errors and your opponent can take advantage of your service and turn it to a point. Badminton service is very important it could give you a service point if well executed.
  • Basic Stance
    The purpose for you to learn the basic stance is for good "Offense and Defense". Learning the basic stance can give you the right rhythm to attack and defend properly. The first movement always starts with a good stance it is a preparation for a good execution of attack or reception.

  • Basic Strokes
    If you want to make a good Lob, Smash, Drop Shot or Drive shots you must learn the basic techniques of strokes. It is impossible for someone to return a shot if your strokes are improperly executed. If you want to be a professional Badminton Player practice the strokes. Good strokes results to a powerful shot.

2. Learn the Badminton Skills and Techniques

  • Smash
    The most powerful Badminton shot. It could be an overhead forehand or overhead backhand stroke
  • Drop shots
    A follow-through shot that is often thought as a smash when executed with quick a stroke.
    Overhead forehand or overhead backhand stroke is used.
  • Netting
    One of the hardest technique to do for it requires great control and right force to deliver it properly
  • Lob/Clear
    One of the most effective technique to use as an offense or defense.
    Overhead forehand or overhead backhand stroke to execute this shot.

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